stay connected

  • Staff Contacts

    Each ministry has a staff contact- your go to person for questions, new initiatives, and ongoing support.  Please keep your staff contact updated on what is happening in the  ministry you work with & be in touch when you are considering any new initiatives.

    Click here to see a list of staff contacts.

  • Ministry Resource Center

    Think of it as a mini-office where you can:

    • Find purchase orders, flocknote intro, EIM and other infromation.

    • Use ministry mailboxes to pick up or drop off resources. (Make sure to notify people when leaving something for them).

    • Use the drop box to turn in purchase orders, money collected, keys or to get something to the STM staff. 

    Located on the first floor of the Religious Education Building, down the hall from the RE receptionist’s window.

    Open anytime the RE Building is open.

  • Cut through the noise.
    Reach your people. Hear back.

    Flocknote helps you reach people where they’re already at, in their inboxes and via text message. There’s nothing for your members to download and no need for them to ‘check-in-on’ anything to stay connected with you.

    To set up a group & get started using flocknote get in touch with your staff contact.

  • Need to connect with leadership from another minsitry? 

    Check out the contact information on their ministry webpage. Use the search box above to find the ministry page you are looking for.